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Irish Volunteer Plants Over 2000 Agroforestry Trees In Fako Division

Irish Volunteer Plants Over 2000 Agroforestry Trees In Fako Division


Irish volunteer, Tony Malone, has corroborated the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF)’s efforts in protecting fragile environments, boosting soil fertility and protecting water catchments by planting over 2000 agro forestry trees in Fako Division, Southwest Cameroon.

The tree species including Acacia and Leucaena were planted, early November 2016, around the Mile 15 waterfall and Mutengene water catchment area, with local farmers under the auspices of the ERuDeF Agro forestry team.

The planting of these trees is one of Mr. Malone’s ways of contributing to solving global environmental problems.

“I think planting trees will affect not only Cameroonians and Africans but the world at large as it will help to fight against climate change, improve soil fertility thereby improving livelihoods of communities” the Irish Volunteer said.

Mr. Malone revealed that his visit to Cameroon is the beginning of a new era in environmental protection; a domain which he cherishes but has never had the opportunity to do it because of his tied schedule.

He promised to continue planting trees and support further actions that will benefit the entire humanity and ensure sustainable environmental management.

The ERuDeF South West Coordinator of Agro forestry and Agricultural Development, Mr. Emmanuel Ngome commended the Volunteer’s passion for the environment.

“I am particularly happy with Mr. Tony Malone’s passion for the environment. Despite his age, he had to trek long distances to plant trees for environmental protection. I encourage him and every Cameroonians to give more attention to environmental conservation by planting more trees and protecting other threatened species” Mr Ngome recommended.

The tree planting exercise was carried out by the Environment and Rural Development Foundation with financial support from Trees for the Future, USA.

By Ngome Emmanuel

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