More Farmers In Western Cameroon Benefit From Agroforestry Systems

Statistics gathered from Balafotio Village in the Western Region of Cameroon indicates that 80% of farmers trained on agroforestry systems in 2013 have begun experiencing increase in farm yields.

After paying evaluation visit to this area, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF)’s Agroforestry Programme Coordinator for Littoral and West Regions, Chamjou Junie observed that 42 of the 50 farmers who planted acacia, luceana and caliandra seedlings in their farms using alley cropping and life fencing techniques have better outputs than their hesitant counterparts.

One of the farmers who adopted this farming system, Mr. Pierre Douanla, says the difference in agricultural productivity since the adoption of the agricultural technique is very clear.

“I have realized that the same piece of land that gave me two bags of beans before the introduction of this system gives me up to 12 bags today” Mr. Douanla testified.

Mr. Pierre Douanla, just like the 41 other farmers, says the increase in agricultural productivity has improved on his household income as no money is spent on buying chemical fertilizer like before.

He promised incorporating other agricultural aspects into his farm; “I intend to introduce apiculture into this farmland so I can benefit in all aspects from this system” the farmer added.

Mean while, new groups of farmers to be trained on farm optimization and agricultural value chain in 2017 have been constituted.

The agroforestry farming system introduced in Balafotio in 2013, was an initiative of ERuDeF with the support of Trees for the Future-USA aimed at improving soil fertility and shunning the use of chemical fertilizers, which are not environmentally friendly.

By Chamdjou Junie Brodelle

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