The ERuDeF Junior Professional Program: Working for ERuDeF


From inception in 1999 to date, ERuDeF has been on a graduation path from a small to an emerging non-profit conservation organisation in Cameroon. It is anticipated that in the next 10 years, ERuDeF will become one of the most prolific and vibrant non-profit conservation organisation in Africa. In order for this to happen, ERuDeF has been undergoing a number of reforms in terms of structural, governance and programmes re-organisation. By the close of 2015, ERuDeF would have completed its structural re-organisation and governance reforms. The programmes re-organisation will be completed in 2016. The finality of all of these reforms is to prepare ERuDeF to become a leader in the conservation world in Africa. The ultimate goal of this reform process is to build one of the most effective succession and leadership plan for the organisation. The ERuDeF Junior Professional program (EJPP) is being developed to meet some of these succession and leadership plans for the organisation.

The ERuDeF Junior Professional Program offers young Cameroon graduates interested in pursuing a career in conservation development an exceptional opportunity to acquire hands-on experience and training in conservation and a long term competitive NGO career path that leads into international sustainable development careers. The EIPP complements the ERuDeF Professional Certification Program designed for the older staff of the organisation.

Just as the programme provides young graduates with a unique professional and personal experience. It also brings fresh energy and ideas to the organisation. The programme helps ERuDeF identify individuals who could become staff members and make important contributions to ERuDeF’s future and its work on behalf of the environment and sustainable development. About 70 percent of junior professional officers continue in ERuDeF as regular staff at the end of their training and experience building. ERuDeF is launching the first cohort of recruitment by October 2015. Current trainees at the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies wishing to enrol into this programme will strongly be encouraged provided they fulfil all the entry conditions.

Purpose and Objective

To build a succession and leadership plan for the organisation

To strengthen the organisational effectiveness and continuity

To train the next generational leadership in ERuDeF and its partners’ programs

The Structure and duration of the ERuDeF junior professional Program (EJPP)

This is 2-years training and experience building program for those having first degrees and 12- month program for those having a master degree and with at least one year of relevant NGO and professional experience. While master degree holders with no relevant NGO and professional experience will undergo an 18-month training and experience building program. The training will be delivered in full time mode at the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit studies in Buea.

Target Participants for the ERuDeF Junior Professional program

The recruitment into ERuDeF Junior Professional Program will be based on very specific needs of the organisation as planned out in its 10-years strategic plan running from 2016-2025. In search of a young, intelligent and dynamic team, ERuDeF will continuously be looking for those young Cameroonians with the passion for the environment and NGO career. The three different categories of Cameroonians ERuDeF will be targeting will include:

i,Graduates with first degrees in relevant fields

ERuDeF will be recruiting graduates with first degrees in Biology (Zoology & Botany), Forest, Sociology, Economics, Gender & Women, Agronomy, Finance, Fundraising, NGO studies, Law, Political Science, Geography and Environmental Sciences.

ii.Graduates with master degrees

ERuDeF will be recruiting graduates with master degrees in Botany (Zoology & Botany), Forest, Sociology, Economics, Gender &Women, Agronomy, Finance, Law, Political Science, Geography, fundraising, NGO Studies and Environmental Sciences.

Iii,Postgraduate Research Students

Any postgraduate research student wishing to take up a prospective position in ERuDeF will be accepted into the program provided he/she will fulfil the entry conditions into the ERuDeF Junior Professional Program. This category of candidates will spend 18 months on the program.

The start of the ERuDeF Junior Professional Program

The ERuDef Junior Professional Program will start in October 2015 at the ERuDef Institute, of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies.

Recruitment into the ERuDeF Junior Professional Program

The recruitment into ERuDeF Professional Program will be based on the study of files and interview. Only the short-listed candidates will be called for an interview session and a restricted number will be retained for the program. The recruitment process for 2015 will be opened on Monday, 13 July 2015 and will close on 20 September 2015. The selection interview will be held on Monday, 28 September 2015. The training and experience building program is officially launched in October 2015. Annually, EruDeF will recruit about ten to twenty qualifying graduates to undertake the training and experience building.

The Course fees

The fees will be 630 000CFA for the 1st and master degree holders. The postgraduate research students will pay 300 000CFA. The program registration and processing fees have already been included.

Registration formalities

Interested applicants should deposit the following on or before 20 September 2015. These will include; a letter of motivation, two referee statements, copies of relevant diplomas, attestation of relevant experience if available and speciality chosen. ERuDeF is a scientific and career profile organisation and will not recruit employees just to do anything. ERuDeF is currently recruiting into the following fields: Biodiversity Conservation, Geographical Information System (GIS), Agroforestry Management, Forestry, Mountain Studies, Applied Social Surveys, Education for Sustainable development, Environmental Journalism and NGO & Fundraising Studies. Those who are looking for jobs and not careers are strongly recommended not to apply.

EJPP Delivery Mode

This program is delivered as a residential program course. It will not be delivered as an online course.

Training Formalities

The training and experience building will involve course work based on conservation development in Cameroon and globally. The students will then be posted to the different ERuDeF designated conservation sites dotted across the country for a further one year field experience building focused on one of ERuDeF thematic areas. This will be concluded with a defence thesis. All those who are recruited into the ERuDeF Junior Professional Program will also take the Fundraising for Future leaders Course.

Graduation, Diploma and Retention in ERuDeF

A formal graduation ceremony will be organised at the end of the training program. Candidates will contribute fifty thousand CFA each towards the organisation of the graduation ceremony. For candidates with a first degree, a professional master will be delivered after 24 months plus an attestation of experience. While for those with a master degree, an Advance Diploma will be delivered including an Attestation of Experience. In order to qualify for entry into ERuDeF, the graduating students must have had been able to raise at least one grant through the training process.

Organisers of the EJP Program

The ERuDeF Junior Professional Program will be administered by the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies (The ERuDeF Institute) in partnership with the St Monica University, Buea.

Employment Opportunities

All graduates from the ERuDeF Junior Professional Program will be recruited into EruDeF and its partners’ programs provided they meet all the graduating conditions. The graduating conditions include a successful project development that should lead to the raising of at least a grant to support the project. Professional behaviour and strict respect of the code of ethics will also be very closely assessed. Recruitment into ERuDeF Junior Professional Program will be limited to just about the exact employment needs of ERuDeF annually. The junior officers that will finally be admitted into ERuDeF will receive a permanent contract of employment. They will be admitted into the organisation at a level corresponding to the category A2 of the Cameroon Public Service.

Support to other Partners, Civil Society Networks, Government Agencies and Private Sector

The ERuDef Institute will also support the training of staff of other partners, government, NGOs and other civil society networks that are willing to receive similar training and professional development.

Coordination and Registration

The ERuDeF Junior Professional Program will be coordinated by Samuel Ngueping (Deputy Director, ERuDeF Instutute), while the payments should be directed to Ms Vivian Tenjem (Atg Accounting Officer, ERuDeF Institute), or paid directly into the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity Account at the National Financial Credit, Buea. The applicant forms should be obtained from the EruDeF Institute and/or any of the ERuDeF offices in Buea and Menji.

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