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National Environmental News

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Chinese Nabbed With Protected Animal Parts

The Post Newspaper (Issue No: 01434 of Monday, June 03, 2013) welcomed the month of June with updates of the story of a Chinese, Wei Tao, and two Cameroonians, Elvis Theze Njangwe and Harrison Azie, arrested by Customs officials at Limbe Port on Friday, April 26 in position of seven sacks of pangolin scales. According to the paper, these wildlife traffickers are facing trial at the Limbe Magistrate Court. The Cameroon 1994 wildlife law states that any person caught with a live, dead animal or any part of a class ‘A’ animal like the Pangolin is liable to a jail term of 1 to 3 years or a fine of 3 Million francs cfa ( $6000) and above.

Divisional Delegate for Water and Energy Indicted for Granting Illegal Exploitation Permit

The Chronicle Newspaper (Issue No 347 of June 4, 2013) reported how the Momo Divisional Delegate for Water and Energy, NW Cameroon, Mr. Asanghanwa Jonathan, was indicted early this month by the inhabitants of this division for granting sand-extraction permit to one business magnate, Fon Kenedy from a neighbouring village. This according to the indigenes of this locality is contrary to article 26 of the mining code-forbidding an individual from occupying a mining area of more than 400 m. They are therefore challenging Fon Kenedy in court to reverse the decision given that it was going to cause lots of joblessness amongst youth in that division.

Untapped Touristic Potentials of NW Cameeroon

The Eden Newspaper (Issue No 789 of June 3, 2013) quoting the Cameroon minister of Tourism and Leisure, Belo Bouba Maigari during his visit to Bamenda recently, reported that the rich cultural diversity and blooming hilly topography of Northwest Cameroon, intertwined with patches ancestral forest, remain the region’s “untapped touristic potentials”. According to the Minister, the potentials if harnessed could attract thousands of tourists yearning to have leisure in Cameroon.

Herakles’ Decision to Halt Activities in Cameroon Reversed

The Eden Newspaper (issue No 791 of June 10, 2013) told the story of how the Cameroon government through the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife has authorized A New York venture capital firm, Herakles Farm, to proceed with her activities of clearing forest and planting of palms. The authorization comes barely one month after the government had ordered the company to halt its activities to give it time to review the “public usefulness” of the company’s activities to the community. With no specific reason advanced for the sudden change of decision, many civil society organisations in the country have termed this action of the government “incomprehensible”

World Environment Day; a call for the Sustainable Management of Resources

The World Environment Day June 5, 2013 is another very important event that greeted newspaper stands and media houses in Cameroon in the month of June. The Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) just like many other media houses in the country reported how the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) in collaboration with the Southwest Regional Delegation of Environment, planted trees at the University of Buea. Drawing inspiration from this year’s theme: “think, eat and save” there was a round table conference on CRTV, drama, sketches and other presentation to sensitize the public on the need to sustainably manage natural resources. According to media reports, similar activities were carried out in all ten regions of the country to mark this day.

Yaounde hosts International Mining Conference

Just like The Chronicle Newspaper (Issue No 347 of June 4, 2013), the country’s bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune (Issue 10355/6556 of Wednesday June 5, 2013) gave a panoramic view of the resolutions arrived at during Yaounde International mining Conference of May 29-30, 2013. Some of the resolutions include making Cameroon a mining destination for Africa, meeting in Yaounde after every two years to review the mining situation of Africa most especially Cameroon. Being the first of its kind to be hosted in Cameroon, the conference served as an opportunity for International investors, mining experts, directors of financial institutions, Cameroon Decision makers, development partners and other stakeholders in the mining industry to work out a road map for the Cameroon mining industry.

Compiled by Bertrand S. Ndimuh


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