Modo reaffirms support for Trees for the Future Cameroon Program.

The American eyewear company Modo has reaffirmed their commitments to support tree planting activities in Cameroon through the US Charity Trees for the Future. According to the CEO of Modo, Alessandro Lanaro, Modo and its Eco brands are looking forward to reaching the 1 million milestone soon and to continue the tree planting activities for many years to come. Mr. Lanaro remarked that thanks to the continued success of the Eco brand they are confident that their contribution to tree planting will progressively increase. The CEO of Modo, Alessandro Lanaro gave this assurance in mid May following the visit of his Representative to Cameroon, Francesca Lanaro early May.

Just to recall that Modo created Eco, the first brand to be made from 95% recycled materials. For this reason, Eco decided to start the “one frame – one tree” program whereby a tree is planted for every frame sold, an initiative that has allowed Eco to plant more than 650,000 trees in Cameroon through the US Charity, Trees for the Future. Modo born in 1990 has a customer base that cares about doing good, about the environment while buying quality and style.

Ms Francesca, a professional photographer and Representative of Modo therefore visited Trees for the Future Cameroon to have a feel of how farmers have incorporated tree planting and agroforestry technologies to improve on the quality of their soil. She also wanted to take pictures to tell the story of how a tree grows from a tiny seed to a seedling and then to a tree. After visiting some farms where trees have been planted, Ms. Lanaro expressed satisfaction. “Overall it has been an amazing experience from both a professional and a human point of view. As a photographer, I’ve been witnessing and trying to capture the overwhelming emotions of people. I was happy to find out that Trees for the Future has provided farmers not with temporal solutions to the problem of food shortage, but with measures that can help sustain them for long.” Ms Francesca noted.

She explained that during the whole period she witnessed an extraordinary effort and enthusiasm that all the farmers are putting into learning from the project. “Everyone involved is proud and committed to prove that a simple seed, like Trees for the Future teaches, once grown may sustain a number of people if cultivated with care”

Ms Francesca equally said that two moments, in particular, touched her deeply while in Mankon, NW Cameroon. “After many hours spent shooting under the scorching sun, I was extremely tired and had the feeling that my work was not so good. I also felt that the farmers did not feel at ease in front of the camera. Finally, feeling tired and a little desperate I threw myself backwards onto the grass with the camera on my chest. The reaction from the people was a amazing ! Their persistent laugh really made me happy. In these five minutes a special bond developed and some of my best shots were taken”. Ms Francesca explained.

She went on to say that the same day another episode occurred which touched her deeply ” It was a Sunday and in Cameroon I realised people are extremely Catholic. I noticed everybody was beautifully dressed, with colorful, marvelous garments going to church”. Ms Lanaro also felt fulfilled when at the end of a workshop and after visiting farms, the team got together in a circle holding hands and one of the ladies gave words of thanks. ” It was very touching and I perceived the a strong unity of Spirits” Ms Lanaro concluded.

By Regina Leke

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