Recruitment of Interns at ERuDeF

ERuDeF in order to continue to expand and strengthen its future workforce or human resource team, is seeking to recruit a number of Non-paid Interns into the following Departments in ERuDeF. They will all be based in the Office of Professional Development.

The suitably qualified interns should have the following criteria:

A student in the final year at either the BSc or MSc levels and preferably on internship;
Computer and internet literate;
Passion for the environmental conservation and wild jungle stays as well as rural areas;


  1. Capable to withstand long hours ( 45 hours per week) of work;
  2. Ability to integrate multi-tasking and hard work pressure;
  3. Ability to withstand an academically and professional intensive work environment.
  • Recent graduates may also apply

Internship Duration

The Interns shall be recruited for a period of six months and renewable once

ERuDeF Junior Professional Programme

Successful Interns shall be recommended to join the ERuDeF Junior Professional Programme. Junior Professional Interns are directly recruited into ERuDeF at the end of their professional development.


All the Interns shall receive no monthly stipend except subsidy to conduct any field work, during their period of internship


All internships shall be based in Buea, as well as any of ERuDeF`s offices in Cameroon (Menji, Dschang, Yaounde)


The applications are open until all the positions are filled. All applicants should submit a letter of career motivation, a letter from his/her supervisor, CV and any other relevant documentation for proof of experience if necessary.

The following Recruitment positions of Interns at ERuDeF are open    (RI @ ERuDeF)

  1. Department of Communication:

Four student journalist in their  final BSc and MSc years, preferably those going on internship ( one for Centre  for Environment Information Management (CEIM),  one for Centre for Environmental Film Making and photography (CEFM), one for Non-profit  Journal and one for Press Office in the Office of the President.

  1. Office of Professional Development

Two Interns from the Faculty of Education, preferably doing Psychology and Education.

  1. Office of Strategic Initiatives

Four students Interns, preferably at the Master’s or PhD levels (Economics, Environment, Biodiversity, and Forestry)

  1. Department of Livelihoods and Economic Development

One student Intern in Women & Gender studies, preferably at the Master’s level

  1. Office of Development and Philanthropy.

Three Interns at Master’s or PhD levels in Forestry/Botany, Biodiversity/Wildlife and Economics)

  1. Technical Services Division.

One Intern specialising in Information Technology (IT) and website development.

  1. Office of the Chief Operating Officer

One intern specialising in administration.

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