Sale of Bush Meat Banned in Lebialem Division

An order from the Divisional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife has banned the sale of bush meat in Lebialem Division. This follows a Ministerial Decision which insists on the closing of the hunting season in the national territory.

In a coordination meeting held with the different Chiefs of Section, the Divisional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife Lebialem, MBOUI Jacques urged his Chiefs of Post to enforce the ban in their respective areas. He said that the impact of the ban on the sale of bush meat in the Division will be seen from future results obtained in bio-monitoring activities conducted in adjacent forest areas by ERuDeF and Partners.

In a recent survey of restaurants in Menji where bush meat is regularly sold, ERuDeF team found out that bush meat is no longer in the daily menu. In an interview with a restaurant operator popularly known as Mrs Obama of the “Obama Restaurant” in Menji she said “we are no longer selling bush meat because a ban was placed on the sale of bush meat in Menji, we can only sell bush meat if we obtain a license/permit from the Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife. Also the Ebola virus situation has scared people away from eating bush meat. For now I only cook chicken, beef and fish for my customers”.

Enokenwa Allen Tabi

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