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Silverback Company Joins Network for NTFPs Valorization In Cameroon

Silverback Company Joins Network for NTFPs Valorization In Cameroon

[one_third][/one_third]The Silver Back Company (SBC) Ltd of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) has joined the Platform of NGOs involve in the valorization of Non Timber Forestry Products (NTFPs) in Cameroon. These NTFPs include Mondia whitei plant, Echinops giganteus roots, Palm oil, Kernel oil, Honey wax, Propolis, Njangsang oil, Moabi oil, Mbalaka oil, Allanblackia butter, Karite butter, Coprah oil, Moringa oil, Baobab oil, Souchette oil amongst others. The company joined the platform during a two day workshop organised in Yaounde recently to train some Cameroonian NGOs involve in the sustainable extraction and valorization of NTFPs. Organised by French NGO ‘le Groupe ECOCERT, the Silverback Company was to work with Bio Natural Cameroon (BIONATCAM) in marketing NTFPs from cooperatives working with NGOs within the platform. Meanwhile, BIONATCAM was called upon to ensure that all NTFPs from the different cooperatives are certified. A number of guiding principles were put in place by the platform for product certification. “The products must be bio organic and naturally good for consumption; be fair trade ensuring accountability, equitability, transparency, good relationship, more revenue, solidarity and sustainable management of the environment. Lastly, there must be fair wild (environmental protection, conservation incentives, certification of community forest etc)” the NGOs agreed. The raison d’être behind the certification is to increase farmers’ income, maintain products originality, ensure environmental protection and quality control to increase market share and market size. Meanwhile, plans are underway to form a national network for certified NTFPs, to build the capacity of stakeholders and to restructure producers’ networks through community enterprises and cooperative management.

By Ignatius NJOM

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