Trees Director of Programmes and ERuDeF staff brainstorm on new agroforestry models

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), in collaboration with its US-based partner, Trees for the Future, have instituted new models for farmers and community development. These models include to the Access and Benefit sharing initiative (dealing with the commercialization of genetic resources), forest gardening, and trees planting, transformation and marketing.

These models were introduced, July 6, 2018, during a restitution meeting to round off Trees for Future Director of programmes, Michael Carson’s visit to ERuDeF’s project sites in Cameron, at ERuDeF Head office in Buea.  Aimed at boosting Agroforestry systems and farmers’ productivity in Cameroon, the meeting brought together ERuDeF’s President/CEO, LOUIS Nkembi and his Agro forestry team.

Speaking during the restitution meeting, Louis Nkembi underscored the utmost importance of teamwork across the board; from farmers to technicians, Agroforestry team and partners, to the success of the new model.

On her part, ERuDeF’s Director of Agroforestry and Agricultural Development, Prudence Payong, said the the new model will permit her and her team to have a deeper understanding of how to work closely with the farmers. She indicated that her team is opened to new ideas that will better up their understanding and strategies in improving soil fertility in Cameroon.

At the end of the meeting, Trees for Future Director of Programmes gave an appraisal of his visit to ERuDeF project sites in Cameroon. “I think my visit was very educative thanks to Louis and Prudence, and our technicians. I learned about the work ERuDeF is doing in Cameroon to assist farmers for example the farmers in Mbouda, Bafang, and Bakassi and some other areas which we visited, and also about the mountain land scape. Thus my expectations were exceeded,” he said Michael Carson congratulated ERuDeF for it commitment to protecting the environment and contributing to rural development in Cameroon.

 By Melody Mukum