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Agroforestry Trees Improve Water Quality In Boyo Division

Agroforestry Trees Improve Water Quality In Boyo Division

[one_third][/one_third]Villagers of Fundong, Boyo Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon now enjoy potable water. This is thanks to some7000 Acacia, Leucaena and Prunus tree species planted to serve as life fencing around some water sources in this area.

In March 2016, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) received complaint from some local communities that their water sources were being depleted by human activities like farming and deforestation.

With support from Trees for the Future USA, the Organisation provided over 16000 seeds of Acacia, Leucaena and Prunus to the local community for nursing. After monitoring of the nurseries, over 8000 seeds germinated and 7000 established trees were planted around the water sources as life fencing.

According to the President of the Water Catchment Committee, Mr. Ngoh Ezecheal, the community now has access to portable water. He said the trees planted around the catchment have improved on water quality, reducing the rate of water born diseases in the area.

According to the ERuDeF Field Technician to the area, Mr. Nsembii Anthony, this has helped reduce the stress which community members use to go through; trekking long distances to access portable water.

Mr. Nsembii Anthony said measures have been put in place to ensure the sustainable management of this water catchment.

“Each household will pay to the Water Management Committee 2000 to 5000frs annually for its maintenance” he said.

Meanwhile, members of the Water Management Committee appealed that 180000 tree seeds be donated so that they can complete the life fencing around more watersheds in this Division by the end of 2017.

It should be noted that this project is supported by Trees for the Future, USA

By Payong Marquise

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