Conservation Education: LEEA Promise to Intensify Conservation Efforts

Members of the Lebialem Environmental Education Association (LEEA) have promised to be more enthusiastic in conservation campaigns in their respective communities

By Samuel Ngueping

This new passion was stirred up during a three day workshop on “Empowering Environmental Club Coordinators for the Sustainable Management of School Clubs’’, organized by the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), March 15th to 17th, 2016 at the Divisional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife in Menji.

Aimed at equipping environmental educators with basic agroforestory knowledge and reviewing LEEA’s strategic plan, the workshop which brought together LEEA’s members from all three subdivisions of the Lebialem Division instilled in participants knowledge in nursery establishment, environmental education, article writing and grant writing.

The environmental club president of GBHS Fontem Ms. Atebebang Stephanie, like most of her peers and club coordinators, was particularly thrilled with the skills she gained on nursery establishment

” we have learned a lot on nursery establishment and our next plan of action now is to set up sweet bitter leaf and pepper nurseries in our school garden’’ she said.

She added that crops grown in GBHS school garden will be sold to teacher and community members to generate more income and sustain the environmental club and her activities.

GBHS Fontem Environmental Club Coordinator, Njilegac Demian, was happy knowing what it takes to develop a news article for publication

“I have learned a lot especially about article writing; that a good article should be emotional, short and should have a good background story with many action verbs” he said

The President of LEEA Mr. Ketunze James Chama on his part reaffirmed the commitment of LEEA members to intensify environmental conservation sensitization campaigns in their respective schools and localities.

“This workshop has taught me a lot and I think I will be more efficient in teaching my pupils the importance of conservation” said Mr. Edison Chu of G.S. Bechati, who is also a member of LEA

The representatives of the Lebialem Divisional Delegates of Basic Education and Secondary Education on their part thanked ERuDeF and partners for their environmental education efforts in schools beseeching them to ensure that many schools in the Division are covered.

Just like his primary and secondary education counterparts, the Lebialem Divisional Delegate of Environment, Protection Nature and Sustainable called on all to take proactive majors to minimize environmental depredation.

He urged more women to join the environmental protection team in schools.

The workshop ended with the review and adoption of Lebialem Environmental Education Association’s three year strategic plan.

All the participants expressed gratitude to ERuDeF and partners (Man & Nature and Tusk Trust) for their continuous support to environmental protection activities in Lebialem.

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