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ERuDeF Thrills SW Farmers With Best Agricultural Techniques, Products

ERuDeF Thrills SW Farmers With Best Agricultural Techniques, Products

[one_third][/one_third]Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) has demonstrated to farmers and residents of the Southwest Regions best agricultural products and practices.

The agricultural exhibition which took place at the SW, Buea Omnisport stadium brought together farmers from all nooks and cranny of the SW region, who came to showcase the magnificent agricultural products they got from their agronomic activities.

Honey, palm oil, Echinops gigantus and Mondia whetei, were some of the agricultural products displayed on the ERuDeF sales stand at the event. These products attracted so many customers who did not hide their contentment for the satisfaction they get from consuming ERuDeF’s agricultural produce.

“I am fortunate to have come across ERuDeF products, especially its palm oil which I have been a loyal consumer for over 6months now. I use it to cook my eru, achu and many other delicious dishes which need good red oil.” Madam Ayuk Justine briefed ERuDeF staff present at the event.

The event was an unavoidable opportunity for the products to be displayed for wider visibility and also to sensitise all who cared to visit the stand about some best agricultural practices that can help them boost their farm yields.

The fact that products from ERuDeF are got from communities around protected areas as a result of change in livelihood sources for resource poor farmers who encroach protected areas is an added advantage. Many visitors to the stand took much interest in the fact that ERuDeF does not only act as mediator between communities and markets for their agricultural products, but also ploughs back the little profit it gets from the sales of these products to be used for biodiversity conservation purposes.

“I must commend ERuDeF for the wonderful work they are doing. It is difficult these days to find a person who works not for his benefits but for the general good. Their actions go a long way to help not just the environment but also human beings. I will always contribute in my own little way to help their efforts.”Mr Tashi Thomas, who bought 5 liters of honey, lauded ERuDeF.

ERuDeF since its creation, has not relented in its objective of promoting rural agriculture in Cameroon. Apart from conserving protected areas, the organisation also has as objective to alleviate poverty in these rural areas by providing alternative livelihood sources and better farming techniques for these farmers.

By: Melvis Takang

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