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ERuDeF’s Silver Back Company Storms FIAC 2018, Makes New Gains

ERuDeF’s Silver Back Company Storms FIAC 2018, Makes New Gains

[one_third][/one_third]The business arm of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), the Silver Back Company (SBC), marvelled business barons at the first edition of the International Business Trade Fair, known in its French acronym as FIAC.

The business trade fair, which held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya, took place from March 24 to April 08, 2018 at the Camtel Bépanda Complex, Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala Littoral Region.

The SBC’s business delegation headed by the Director of Livelihoods and Economic Development at ERuDeF, Junie Chamdjou, showcased the prowess of the biodiversity business company. On the emblematic business stand where SBC’s products and PR tools were displayed, many thronged to know more about biodiversity business.

“We received many business top-brass who came in inquiring how they can do business while respecting all the environmental norms. While dishing out our expert opinions, we also endeavoured to create an entry point where we would partner with these business enterprises,” Junie said.

Besides breaking huge business grounds in the sale of their products, the SBC team also took out time to reflect on the business intuition of the company. The team strengthened its capacity from other business dons on how to better their strategies in firmly implanting the company in the competitive market.

“FIAC was the fruit of an observation, a reflection and an analysis of the real needs of private and public companies to do sustainable businesses. Through its many business fora, it promoted the exchange and multiform meetings between all the economic actors in a context of healthy competition and respect of the rules that build a world of economic and social progress. It was in that context that my team and I, richly tapped from the banquet of experience and successes of big companies and enterprises. We spared no efforts in learning on how to break through the world’s competitive, but already saturated markets,” Junie added.

The SBC team exchanged contacts, especially business persons wishing to learn more on the biodiversity business concepts. The team also secured commands from big companies, wanting SBC’s products at industrial quantities.

The SBC deals in Honey, Palm oil, Mondia whetei, Echinops gigantus and Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) coming from communities adjacent to protected areas, that have benefitted from alternatives livelihoods.

First of its kind in Cameroon, the FIAC, only compared to the World Economic Forum, brought together top business persons in Cameroon, and the world, to chart a big business platform for Cameroon. According to the organiser, International Inter-Progress Foundation, the business trade and intellectual fair was also meant to showcase the ‘Made in Cameroon’ products and encourage local production and consumption.

By Yanick Fonki

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