ICRAF Finance Staff Audits Dryad Project, Expresses Satisfaction at Improvements


ICRAF’s Finance Officer, Tchouala Jean Marie

“This is the third time that I am visiting since 2015. They are improving; it’s not yet perfect but we learn every day and we have to build from somewhere. So, I was really impressed this time because most of the recommendations pointed out last time during the last visit have been corrected” the International Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) Yaounde finance staff, Tchouala Jean Marie, said at the end of a two day auditing visit to the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF).

Focused on ICRAF projects  executed from January to June 2018, the audit, July 3-4 2018, according Jean Marie Joel, is within the frame work of the implementation of the DRYAD project, which requires that ICRAF’s finance staff in Yaoundé, goes to the field and assist the finance team of implementing organisations. “We aren’t there for audit; we are there just to support them, identify gaps and then try to integrate those gaps in the next faces so that we can plan training sessions and prepare the audit before the donor can send finances, which need to be accounted for,” he added.

This visit was greeted with joy by the ERuDeF finance team. ERuDeF’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ursula Nkeng said the visit was necessary so the organization understand where gaps are for amendments and the overall success of future activities within the Dryad project.  The Director of Budgets and Financial Planning, Vivian Tenjem on her part said the partner was not only satisfied with the financial records, but also also contented with the work on the field with communities.

By Melody Mukum

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