Kupe Muanenguba Gets Network of Agroforestry Farmers

Bangem town in Bangem Sub-division of Kupe Muanenguba Division hosted the meeting that brought together four farmers CIGs namely; Ekambeng Young Farmers , Ndap Asale Young Farmers of Mboku, Struggling Hands of Bangem town and the Young Farmers of Ekaku. The meeting started with sensitization on the responsibilities of a network by the Trees for the Future Cameroon Representative, Ms Blessing Limbi. This was immediately followed by an election that saw Enongene Thomas emerging as President, Ewane Roland as Vice President, Elimpe Enongene as Secretary General, Asale as Treasurer and Kang Primose and Claude Asale as Advisers. The newly elected Exco was then installed by Ms Blessing Tata. The election was followed by the handing over of didactic material to enable the network operate smoothly.

Speaking after the election, the newly elected President, Enongene Thomas said that he and his team will do all within their power to ensure the smooth running of the network. He also pointed out that the network will also delegate people to go round and evaluate all agroforestry activities in the Division. He also promised that the network will take charge of recruiting new groups that will join Trees for the Future Cameroon Program and this will be done based on seriousness and willingness to plant trees. Hear him “This is a good thing that has come to us and we will not let any unserious group spoil it for us. Unity, they say is strength so coming together in a network will definitely make us stronger” he said.

By L. B. Tata

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