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Mutually Agreed Terms for Second ABS Project Signed in Cameroon

Mutually Agreed Terms for Second ABS Project Signed in Cameroon

[one_third][/one_third]The second Mutually Agreed (MAT) in the Central African region was signed in Cameroon last April 8, 2016 between a French company, V. Mane Fils S.A and the people of the Lewoh Community in Lebialem Division under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED).

The MAT agreement was signed at the Conference Hall of MINEPDED in Yaounde with Michel Mane (the Executive Director of V. Mane Fils Company/President of Mane Foundation) representing V. Mane Fils, HRM Fon Fotabong representing the Lewoh Community and the Minister Delegate, Dr. Nana Aboubakar representing the Minister of MINEPDED. The agreement was facilitated by ERuDeF.

Aimed at laying down modalities for collaboration between the Lewoh Community and the the Mane Foundation in utilization of the genetic material from the roots of the Mondia Whitei plant, the MAT agreement permits the French company to extraction metabolites from the roots of Mondia for research in food and flavours industries while the Lewoh people in return will receive both monetary and non-monetary benefits during this phase of the project.

Representing the Minister, Dr. Nana Aboubakar Djallo thanked Michel Mane for his love and confident in Cameroon encouraging the traditional rulers present and the people of Lewoh to collaborate with the V. Mane Fils company for the success of this phase of the project. He hoped other companies will follow the example of the V. Mane Fils Company.

Fon Fotabong on his part thanked the Minister for the team of expert delegated to assist the drawing up the MAT Research and Development document expressing complete understanding of the process

“When one of my Sons, the CEO of ERuDeF, Louis Nkembi, spoke to me about this, I was a little sceptical because I felt part of my fondom was going to be chopped off and handed to the Mane Company but after carrying out research, I realised that it is in line with the Nagoya Protocol and will be of benefit not only to the Company but to my community as well” he said

[one_half][/one_half]While hoping that the research is successful, His Royal Majesty the Fon of Lewoh pledged his community’s collaboration throughout this phase of the project.

“We are a law abiding people; I will want my people to respect the terms of the MAT because it is going to be a win-win process.” Fon Fotabong said hoping that the research goes through successful so that they can sign the MAT Commercialization

Meanwhile Michel Mane promised to ensure the effective sharing of information and the result that will be obtained during this phase of the project. He highlighted the importance of the local community to the project

“ It is also a way to get more involve with the local community; to get to know them, and to understand their needs because if the project doesn’t make sense to them, then there is no sense of pursuing it” He said.

Michel Mane thanked the local communities, the Cameroon government and ERuDeF for their collaboration hoping to be back next year with ‘more good news’.

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