Over 10,000 Trees Planted Towards Restoring Mt. Bamboutos Biodiversity

Some 11,000 trees were recently planted in Magha-Bamumbu in Lebialem Division, Southwest Region, with the purpose of restoring the degrading landscape. The tree planting exercise was carried out by ERuDeF with funding from the French Embassy.

Magha-Bamumbu is located on a portion of Mt. Bamboutos which is severely degraded owing to intensive farming and varying unfriendly activities. The mountain area is now prone to frequent erosions and deadly landslides. Water catchments have been exposed; streams have dried up leaving the community and surrounding villages exposed to water-borne diseases and limited supply of the precious liquid.

The tree planting exercise headed by Tanyi Ignatius, Chief of Post for Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) Wabane, saw the voluntary participation of members of the community.

After the launching ceremony, 11,000 trees were planted in the landslide area and over 152,000 agroforestry seeds of Leucaena leucocephylla (24,000 seeds) and Acacia angustissima (128,000 seeds),were nursed for the same purpose.

According to the villagers, they have experienced the damaging effects of frequent landslides. Some of them said lost friends and family members during the landslide which hit the area in 2003 killing 23 people. Others still lose their farms and crops to erosion during the raining season, reason why they are willing to support any efforts geared towards restoring the ecosystem.

In order to restore the Mt. Bamboutos watershed, 10 strategic water sources were identified for protection. Together with Tanyi, MINFOF Chief of Post, 60 high-altitude raffia seeds were planted around each of the 10 catchment points.

The representative of the Fon of Bamumbu told The Green Vision that the protection of these water sources will go a long way to prevent frequent conflicts among farmers over irrigation, resulting from insufficient water supply especially in the dry season.

Meanwhile, Tanyi expressed satisfaction with the tree planting initiative and praised ERuDeF’s effort in assisting government to conserve the biodiversity of the nation.

“This initiative falls squarely within MINFOF’s plan of action for the Magha community,’ said Tanyi Ignatius.

By Sheron Endah

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