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ERuDeF Gifts New Toilet To Abebue Community, Lebialem Division

ERuDeF Gifts New Toilet To Abebue Community, Lebialem Division

[one_third][/one_third]Pupils of Government Primary School, GPS, Abebue, in the Essoh-Attah Fondom, can now comfortably ease themselves, thanks to the construction of a state of the art modern toilet. The six room rest room saw the light of day in December 2016, barely a month after the project was launched in the community.

According to the Head teacher of the primary school, Mr Ndiambu Wenceslaus Mbuoh, the modern toilet will create a conducive learning environment for the pupils, whom according to him, trekked for a few miles to ease themselves, during school hours.

“We are so grateful for the construction of this modern toilet. It has always been in our agenda that a befitting toilet is needed for our school. Many pupils during class lessons, take permission to go ease themselves. Because the move far away to the bush to do so, they come back either when the lesson is over, or they missed a lot. Some of them have even been a victim of reptile bites, or grass cut,” Mr Mbuoh said.

Another teacher, Mr Mbuh Richard, was indifferent in appreciation. He went further to state that the creation of the toilet will equally serve the community adjacent to the school a great purpose. He indicated that often times, villagers who come around the school after school hours, deposit in large lumps, faeces on benches and classrooms.

“I wish to highly express my gratitude to ERuDeF for this wonderful project carried out in our community. This toilet will serve pupils, teachers, examination officials from Menji and Buea and ELECAM officials during elections. This is a major step to improve on environmental protection, hygiene and sanitation in the area,’’ Mr Mbuh stated.

For his part, the chief of Abebue, HRH Fualasueh Peter Tendong, indicated that the toilet will not only improve on the health of the children but even that of the community of Abebue. Parent will equally save the money they use to spend on heath and invest for the future of their offspring as well as their wellbeing.

[one_half][/one_half]“We Abebue population are very proud of the quality of toilet infrastructure. The work done has greatly improved on Abebue community image who always offer their best by investing in the development of the village. We will remain grateful to ERuDeF and will invest all our energy to make sure the Abebue population understands the concept of biodiversity conservation and community development,’’ Chief Fualasueh Peter Tendong said.

The project carried out with the full participation of Abebue Community members saw villagers supplying ground blocks, sand, gravel, wood for toilet flooring, roofing and doors. Worth mentioning is the fact that Abebue village is found in Essoh-Attah Fondom. The Fondom is among the principal communities located adjacent to the proposed Mak-Betchou Wildlife Sanctuary. Construction of toilets is part of activities carried out by the Educational and Sustainable Development (ESD) activities carried out by the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) aimed at providing social amenities to adjacent communities so they would not pressure the protected area.

Speaking after the construction of the toilet, the project head, and coordinator of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme, Mr Samuel Ngueping, said the transportation of materials to construct the toilet was a challenging one. He however indicated that the collaboration and excitement of the Abebue people facilitated the entire process. He alluded to the fact that ever since the toilet was constructed, many people in the community are paying much attention to the teaching of conservation information.

The construction of toilets in schools create conducive learning environments in communities adjacent to protected areas and give more appetite to the younger generation to aspire for quality education rather than carry out activities that would contribute to biodiversity depletion.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the TUSK TRUST Fund.

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