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Plans Underway To Produce Neem Oil In NW Cameroon

Plans Underway To Produce Neem Oil In NW Cameroon

[one_third][/one_third]Trees Cameroon Technician for Boyo Division, North West Cameroon, Johnson Chobwain, says he is planning to engage in the production and marketing of Neem oil in Cameroon. Neem oil is produced from the seeds of the neem plant and has been used for thousands of years in pest control, and the production of cosmetics like soap, shampoo, balms, creams and toothpaste. The oil is also used as an insect repellant and medicine.

In an interview with him recently, Mr. Chobwain disclosed that he has planted 100 neem seedlings in his farm besides over 20 others that have fruiting for two years now. The Field Technician said in the next few years, when most of the newly planted neem trees would have been fruiting, he will get engaged in transforming the seeds of this plant into neem oil.

He said this oil will be distributed throughout Cameroon and the proceeds will be used to improve on the living standard of his family.

Trees Cameroon Programme Coordinator opined that the realization of this dream will only add to the number of successes recorded since the inception of the Trees Cameroon Programme in 2007.

“Over these years, Trees have improved on the livelihood of many poor peasant farmers through the planting of soil health improvement trees and some medicinal trees. In 2015 and 2016, Trees Cameroon came in with Forest Garden and Farm Optimization Model to add value to the lives of the peasant farmers. Some value chain trees like Moringa, Neem, Prunus, Bitter Collar, Red Collar, Njansanga were also identified in the various communities and introduced to farmers” she said.

The Programme Coordinator disclosed that the essence of these novelties is to change life and put smile on people’s faces.

Payong Tionou Marquise Prudence

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