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ERuDeF Menji Equipped With New Furniture

ERuDeF Menji Equipped With New Furniture

[one_third][/one_third]The management of the Environment and Rural Development foundation (ERuDeF) has equipped its Western Cameroon Office based in Menji with modern furniture and high internet connection. The furniture consist of a conference room table, 14 table chairs and 2 book shelves.

According to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ERuDeF, Ursula Nkeng, equipping the Menji office has been one of the 2017 objectives of the Organisation.

“The Menji Office serves as our Western Regional conservation office. It serves as headquarters to West, Northwest Regions, and Lebialem and Kupe Muanenguba Divisions. So we took more interest in making the office befitting to its status. Hosting over 15 staff or more, the management of ERuDeF thought it wise to make the working condition conducive for every worker,” Ursula Nkeng said.

On his part, ERuDeF’s Director of Biodiversity and Protected Area Management, who doubles as Acting Coordinator of the Western Cameroon Regional office, Enokenwa AllenTabi, said the new-look will improve on the efficiency of workers.

[one_half][/one_half]“This is a great initiative considering the fact that Menji Regional office is one of the main offices of ERuDeF. This will help in the holding of meetings with partners and the different delegations around Lebialem Division. I want to sincerely thank the administration of ERuDeF for making sure that staff carryout their office activities in a very friendly environment. This will go a long way to reduce office congestion and increase the level of staff concentration,” Allen Tabi said.

Also, the Manager of the Silver Back Company, Njom Ignatius, said the new furniture and high performant internet connection will greatly improve the assiduity of staff in Menji.

“We appreciate this gesture from the management in providing us with modern furniture, better internet connection, hence, reporting and research are going to be swift and easier as compared to the past,” Ignatius said

The Manager for Education of Sustainable Development (ESD) at ERuDeF Menji, Ngueping Samuel, was not indifferent to this.

“Equipping our office with modern furniture and a fast running internet came at the right time. In the past couple of months, we have received a number of new staff assigned to the Menji office. So, additional furniture was needed; successful conservation starts from the office. It is in the office that strategic decisions are taken. I must say the management of ERuDeF has taken a remarkablestep that will give the staff a conducive environment to better strategize for the management of threatened wildlife species in the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary,” Samuel Ngueping said.

Relaying instructions from management while installing the furniture, the Menji Administration and Logistics Officer, Nkeng Emmanuel Nji beckoned staff to judiciously use the new equipment with high sense of sustainability.

Situated in Menji, capital of Lebialem Division, Southwest Cameroon, ERuDeF West Cameroon office is host to some 15 staff coordinating different projects in and around the Lebialem Highlands.

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