ERuDeF To Initiate Research Into the Threatened Amphibians On Mt Nlonako

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) has designed a new research project dubbed “Research and Conservation of Threatened Amphibians of Mt Nlonako, Cameroon”

The study seeks to assess and address the conservation issues for the threatened amphibians of Mt Nlonako in Western Cameroon. A comprehensive study of this area has never been done yet it is believed to lodge the largest threatened amphibian and reptile populations in the world. The largest frog is located here. The study will establish the status of amphibian population, its threats, establish the base for a monitoring and conservation program.

Funding is urgently needed to survey and provide urgent conservation measures for Mt Nlonako as this mountain is facing serious human pressure through deforestation, increasing pet trade of amphibians especially the golliath frog (largest frog in the world) and the fact that the government of Cameroon has indicated her intentions to move this mountain forest into a protected area. Furthermore, the advancing urbanisation from Manjo and Nkongsamba towns is an imminent threat added to the migrant influx with the opening of large agricultural estates in the nearby areas. Also the setting up of a toll gate has caused a new town to be emerging near the River Moungo the major habitat for the golliath frog in this area. Consequently given the rising urban population, the increasing human pressure on the habitats and increasing wildlife trade on amphibians especially golliath frog species, and absence of funding, then without this funding, this project will be unable to start.

This project has not received any funding from anywhere and without your support it will be very difficult to launch this project. Funding for this project will be used to pay for field supplies, field guides, local travel costs, tents, GPS, a laptop, communication, publishing of results, support local awareness raising meetings in schools and communities, local lodging, etc

ERuDeF therefore relies on the generous donations of lovers of amphibians in particular and conservation in general in the realization of this project.

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