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Lebialem Community Schooled On Benefits of Agroforestry Systems

Lebialem Community Schooled On Benefits of Agroforestry Systems

[one_third][/one_third]The Lebialem Agroforestry Programme Coordinator, Ntungwa Elong, has enlightened people of Lebialem on the importance of the agroforestry systems in the improvement of farm yields.

By: Smith Elong

In an over 20 minute sensitisation talk on this system of farming at the Lebialem Community Radio (107.5FM), Friday July 14, 2017, the Agroforestry Programme Coordinator said Agroforestry system is the combination of agriculture, forestry technologies and livestock to create more integrated, diverse, productive, profitable, healthy and sustainable land-use system.

He expounded that the system has scientifically been proven as one of the best farming techniques. This, according to him, is because it improves the soils’ fertility and increases farm yield via the planting of agroforestry tree species like Acacia, Lucaena, Calliandra.

“If you plant these trees in your farms using alley cropping technique, it will provide numerous benefits such as soil conservation, organic fertilizers and water conservation to the agricultural system,” Mr. Elong added.

The Agroforestry Programme Coordinator told the listeners that, the aforementioned trees in addition to fertilising the soils, would also serve as feed for livestock and fuel wood.

“When you plant these trees in your farms, your soil will be greatly improved. However, you can also use the leaves of the trees to feed your pigs, goats, and even cows. It is even advisable that you use these plants for your livestock because the plants contain huge nutrients,” Elong said.

Most of the listeners who reached the radio station for inquiry, sought to know how they get hold of the trees so they can experiment in their farms. Elong promised to make available the tree species to all interested persons.

In collaboration with Trees for the Future, ERuDeF through its Department of Agroforestry and Agricultural Development, builds the capacity and empower farmers across Cameroon on modern techniques of practicing agriculture, using agroforestry systems.

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