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National Biodiversity Information Centre Requires Updating for Conservation in Southwest Cameroon

National Biodiversity Information Centre Requires Updating for Conservation in Southwest Cameroon

[one_third][/one_third]Biodiversity conservation depends a lot on concrete mapping of the different biodiversity hotpots. However, monitoring and evaluating established projects through information systems has been a major problem in the conservation of biodiversity in the Southwest Region of Cameroon.

The Region lacks up-to-date satellite images and recent maps of the different biodiversity hotpots in the area, which hampers concrete conservation actions.

The National Biodiversity Information Centre has been providing information on biodiversity hotpots. However, field verification results indicate that some of these hotspots do not exist anymore. Most of the information available at the National Biodiversity Information Centre dates back to the 1970s; hence decision-making about the conservation of biodiversity in the region is based on outdated assumptions.

The present threats to biodiversity in the different hot spots in the Southwest Region of Cameroon require concrete actions through good information gathering which go with modern technology. Corridors between protected areas and other hotspots in the region are yet to be identified for proper management. These areas suffer severe threats like the poaching of migratory animals, unsustainable exploitation of timber, unsustainable methods of harvesting Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and the inappropriate mapping of migratory animals for proper management.

There is need for a modern national biodiversity information centre to cater for the above problems. Through this project, biodiversity hotpots in the Southwest Region and the nation at large will be known. The different threats to conservation in these hotpots will be identified and properly addressed. Monitoring and evaluation of different biodiversity projects in the Region will also be current.

To kick off the project, the following are required but not limited to; a well equipped centre made up of four computers (3,058 Euros); four laser printers (4,000 Euros), special realms of papers (500 Euros); land and construction (45,801 Euros)

This centre once established will be financially self-sustaining through services offered to different national organizations. The total cost of establishment is estimated at 453,359 Euros.

An up-to-date biodiversity information centre is indispensable for biodiversity conservation in the Southwest Region and Cameroon at large. This centre will provide concrete information and equipment necessary for the conservation of biodiversity in Cameroon and the world at large. Please contribute your own quota to save species for posterity.

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