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Nursery Establishment Training Improves Agroforestry Tree Survival in Lebialem

Nursery Establishment Training Improves Agroforestry Tree Survival in Lebialem


Statistics indicate that over 85 %, 75% and 50% of Acacia, Leucaena and PrunusAfricana seeds nursed in communities in the Lebialem Division in March 2016 have survived. The average survival rate stands at 70% for all three species up from the 65 % rate of last year

This statistics was revealed recently by the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), Agroforestry Programme Assistant for Lebialem, Mr. NtungwaElong following an evaluation tour to communities in the Lebielem Division last May, 2016.

ERuDeF Agroforestry Field Technician for Alou Subdivision, Mr. Fotso Jean, attributed this improvement in survival rate to a training workshop on nursery management organized at the beginning of the year by ERuDeF in Buea.

“Last February, ERuDeF trained us on marcotting and grafting, project reporting, nursery management and other farm optimization models. I came back to my area of operation and have been putting this training into practice. I think that’s why many more seedlings survived this year than last year” Mr. Fotso said.

Mr.Elong congratulated the technicians for their assiduity imploring them not to relent efforts. He called on the technicians to ensure effective follow up and monitoring of farming groups and individuals nurseries as they prepare to transplant the seedlings into their respective farms.

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