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Over 500 Trees Planted at GNPS Kongamah-Mmouckmbie Border

Over 500 Trees Planted at GNPS Kongamah-Mmouckmbie Border

[one_third][/one_third]Over 500 Agro-forestry seedlings have been transplanted in Government Nursery and Primary School (GNPS) Kongamah-Mmouckmbie in the Lebialem Division. The trees species include Acacia angustissima, and Leucaena leucocephala. This exercise was carried out recently under the supervision of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF).

300 seedlings were planted at the boundaries of the school to avoid any trespassing on the school property especially during vacation periods. Meanwhile 200 others were planted on the school campus to serve as shades.

These trees have both short and long term benefits to the school and the community.

“There are lots of environmental benefits from these; they improve water quality and quantity, and moderate atmospheric conditions” said Fotso Jean, ERuDeF Agroforestry Technician for Lebialem.

Mr. Fotso added that these species would help increase soil fertility in school farms. He encouraged pupils and staff to spend time around trees and nature. This according to him, will make them healthier and improve on their academic performances

The Department of Agro-forestry and Agricultural Development in ERuDeF in collaboration with Trees for the Future, work annually with communities, and schools in the Lebialem Division building their capacity on Agroforestry techniques.

By Ntungwa Smith Elong

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