ERuDeF is looking for; (1) AN EXPERIENCED COMMUNITY FORESTRY SPECIALIST The position is based in Menji, Lebialem Division, renewable after 3 years. Applicants must; – Have 3-5 years experience in the Cameroon community forestry process – have at least a 1st degree in forestry or related field – be capable of working in marginal areas, … Read more

Linking Cross River Gorillas and Forest Elephants Sub-populations of Southwest Cameroon

[one_third][/one_third]Forest Elephants and Cross River Gorillas are migratory animals that use corridors between protected areas for their subsistence. The Southwest Region of Cameroon has six protected areas (Korup National Park; Mount Cameroon National Park; Takamanda National Park, Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Bakossi National Park and Banyang Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary). Recent field expeditions show that not … Read more

Watershed management in the proposed Mount Muanenguba Integral Ecological Reserve as means to reduce water scarcity in the Southwest Region of Cameroon

[one_third][/one_third]The Muanenguba Mountain is one of the most important mountains in Cameroon. With an altitude of over 2400m above sea level, the mountain serves as a water reservoir for most of the south-western areas of the country. It is home to some endangered wildlife species like chimpanzees and Drills. It is famous for harbouring over … Read more

National Biodiversity Information Centre Requires Updating for Conservation in Southwest Cameroon

[one_third][/one_third]Biodiversity conservation depends a lot on concrete mapping of the different biodiversity hotpots. However, monitoring and evaluating established projects through information systems has been a major problem in the conservation of biodiversity in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. The Region lacks up-to-date satellite images and recent maps of the different biodiversity hotpots in the area, … Read more