Mbu Thomas Testifies of the Goodness of Agroforestry System

Mr Mbu Thomas

My name is Mbu Thomas. I come from Balafotio in Bamboutos Division of West Cameroon. I joined this agroforestry programme in 2014, when the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) enlightened and trained us on some agroforestry techniques. This motivated me to develop a Forest Garden in my 0.5ha farm land.Today, the soil fertility here has improved. I can boast of over 15 pear trees, 8 Prunus trees, 8 Moringa. I also have a small Acacia forest with bee hives for honey production.

While the fruit trees and medicinal trees are yet to start fruiting, the Acacia forest is already providing nectar for the honey that the use to colonies the bee hives. In 2016, for example, I generated over FCFA 50,000 from the sales of honey. For the past two years, I have recorded an annual sales   of at least FCFA 30,000. This year however, seems to be very promising; I have already generated some FCFA 50,000 from the sale of wood from my Acacia forest.

Mr. Thomas & Technician in his Acacia forest

My entire household is today benefiting from this agroforestryprogramme; the money I get from fuel wood and honey have been helping me to take care of the medical bills of his family and their school needs. I thank ERuDeF for introducing this project in my village. Some neighbours have shown interest especially seeing the logs of wood I harvested this year. So, I will work with ERuDeF and see how the project can be extended to these neighbours and other farmers who will show interest. Agroforestry Development Program has been operating in Cameroon since 2007 with funding from US based charity, Trees for the Future


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